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Digital payment solutions for sports

EasyServed is a simple total solution for all payments within your sports club. In your canteen, during a tournament or during a club spaghetti night, EasyServed offers a complete platform to receive payments contactless and digitally.
Our payment solutions are designed for sports clubs. EasyServed works quickly and conveniently. We’ve made sure you can easily engage club members and volunteers.

Ordering with the QR code, anywhere

In the canteen, on your terrace or on the sports field, with the QR code your guests and club members can place their order and checkout anywhere in advance. The integration of club cards or loyalty cards can also be perfectly integrated.
After your guests place their order, let them know when they can pick it up at the counter. EasyServed!

EasyServed in your sports club

EasyServed is a complete package for all payments within your sports club. Niet alleen de verkoop in je kantine wordt makkelijker. The sale of shirts, caps or other sportswear can also be done through the digital ordering platform.
The package is easy to integrate into any type of sports club. Afhankelijk van jouw werkwijze en noden, is EasyServed aan te passen tot alles perfect naar jouw wensen is.

How does EasyServed work in your sports club?

EasyServed was initially developed for sports clubs. Through several collaborations and feedback rounds, EasyServed was developed to perfection to encompass every aspect of the sports association.
We would like to give you some examples on how you can use EasyServed within your association.

In the cafeteria

In the cafeterias of sports clubs, we see busy and idle moments. At busy times, there are dozens of athletes waiting at the counter, while your volunteers scramble to get the orders ready as quickly as possible.
EasyServed ensures better organization, both in front of and behind the scenes. Athletes can place their order as soon as they just leave the field. With your QR code, they can see all the options.
They place their order and settle it immediately. Your volunteers can get started already to ease the big rush.

Sale of clothing and sports equipment

Do you also sell sweaters or sports equipment with your association’s logo?
Organize the sale of clothing or sports equipment easily through your own digital ordering platform. You can easily add the items to your menu, under another category. This allows your club members or visitors to easily add their favorite item to the shopping cart.
You can use the stock module to instantly see how much stock you have left in each size.

Ticket sales for competitions

You can also easily use EasyServed for ticket sales.
Put the various events in your calendar. Visitors can then pre-order their ticket for a particular game or event through your digital ordering platform.

Organization of a spaghetti night

Of course, you can always make it a clam night!
To organize a spaghetti night, let your club members easily register themselves through the ordering platform. If desired, let them choose their dish right away. That way you can get started prepared!
Of je gasten bestellen hun schotel wanneer ze arriveren. Scanning in the QR code takes them to the order menu, where they can checkout immediately.
You will bring meals and drinks to the table or have guests pick up their order at the counter.

Complete payment solution for sports associations

EasyServed is a complete payment solution designed for sports associations and sports event organizers. By choosing an all-round solution, you enjoy numerous benefits.

– Avoid long queues
– Get the cash out of your association
– Use club cards and loyalty cards
– Organize as many events as you like
– Let athletes order before they even get to the cafeteria

EasyServed takes over all technical aspects from you and makes your life easier.

Ook cashless betalen in jouw sportvereniging?

Make sales within your club run smoothly.

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