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The complete payment solution for hospitality industry

With EasyServed your customers can place and checkout an order from home or on-the-spot.
EasyServed is a digital payment system where you choose which features you do or do not need. All aspects of our payment solution can be customized down to the smallest detail to suit your needs, corporate identity and method of operation.

EasyServed for the hospitality industry

EasyServed offers the perfect payment solution for every type of hospitality business.
You would like to serve as many customers as possible with excellent service.
By choosing a total solution for orders and payments, you can concentrate on what you like to do while EasyServed handles all formalities for you! Handy!

Mobile ordering at the table

Have your guests pre-order as soon as they arrive!
With their smartphone, they scan the QR code and are immediately taken to your ordering website.
All menu items are visible and your customers can place an order.
Your customers immediately checkout their order and in your kitchen an order rolls in!
Whether you serve people at the table in your catering business, or you work with a takeout counter, EasyServed adapts to your way of working.

Pick up or home delivery

Your ordering website can also be used as an ordering platform for your takeout restaurant.
Your customers can visit your website, place their order and checkout immediately. To you, the order arrives. You can immediately see when she will be picked up or when you need to bring her.
EasyServed gives you a clear platform where you don’t have to spend too much time.

Your mobile ordering platform

EasyServed, your mobile ordering website, is a system that works for you.
Once you set it up and enter your menu items, you hardly need to look at it. It runs itself and you can easily see at the end of the evening how many orders you have processed.
Menu items and prices are easy to enter. You can also make adjustments quickly. Does the price of a dish go up a bit? You can adjust that quickly and easily. Adding and removing dishes or drinks is also smooth.
Do you serve vegetarian or vegan dishes? You can clearly indicate those in your menu. Showing allergens is another interesting feature that your customers will surely appreciate.
Do you work with supplements to dishes or want to charge extra for home deliveries? You also easily set that up in one go!

Mobile ordering in your restaurant, café or summer bar

EasyServed is designed for the hospitality industry. We know it has to move forward and you don’t need too much fuss during your service. EasyServed offers a clear system that works, for you and your customers!
Are you the owner of a hotel, café or restaurant? Are you planning a weekly event in the park or going for a one-off summer bar? Regardless of your type of business, EasyServed is completely adaptable to every aspect of your workflow.

EasyServed, Complete payment solution for the hospitality industry

Bring the future into your business!

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